Soft Washing Wood Decks Keeps Them Beautiful

image-wooddecking300x300Details Soft Wash offers professional home and deck soft washing services. Our deck washing process removes dirt, mildew, and stains using strong but safe biodegradable cleaners, and will bring out the natural beauty of any wood. We have developed our own unique wood detergents to provide you the best results, even on wood severely damaged by the sun and rain. The wood detergents are allowed to soak deep into the wood before we start the washing process. The surface is then soft washed using very light soft, avoiding damage to the surface of the wood. Once the wood has been thoroughly scrubbed with light soft, we will then apply a wood brightener to bring out the natural beauty and color of the wood.This extra step leaves the surface of the wood exceptionally clean, bright, and properly ph-balanced ready to seal.

New wood decks also benefit from soft washing. The soft washing process will open the pores of new wood and remove the invisible surface barriers that inhibit proper coating penetration, such as “mill glaze”, a common by-product of the milling process of Cedar and Redwood.