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Details Softwash Services offers high-quality soft washing service for commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Why Choose Details Softwash?

Soft washing your home is a smart investment: it increases the value of your property and makes your home look beautiful. If not washed, critical structures and materials may fail prematurely, and overall your home will remain an unhealthy eyesore. You can pressure wash your home exterior and roof yourself; a risky and unsafe proposition or you can hire a professional like Details Soft Wash Services.


At Details Soft Wash, we have the experience, training, and right products to know how to properly  wash and maintain various aspects of the exterior of your home:

• Wood Roofs and Asphalt Roofs
• Natural Wood Decks
• Vinyl and Wood Siding
• Windows and Glass
• Concrete Walks and Driveways

Washing your home will also help control or eliminate the following, all of which can damage your home and result in costly repair bills, as well as lessen your home’s value:

• Algae and Mold
• Artillery Fungus
• Lichens
• Moss

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Our trained and certified personnel can safely complete a project using ladders, roof hooks, ropes, life lines, body harnesses, and aerial boom lifts when needed. An inexperienced person should never attempt this. It takes many years of on-the-job practice to completely master the safety issues of climbing on a roof or residence. We proudly reward our employees with an internal merit system for achieving consistent safety compliance.


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Residential SoftWash

Details SoftWash cleans exteriors, decks, siding, walks, etc. Our SoftWash system is safe on all surfaces. ashing your home increases the value of your property and makes your home look beautiful. If left unwashed, your home will remain an eyesore. Hire Details SoftWash Services today!

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Our Story

Details Soft Wash Services offers high-quality soft washing services for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Starting as DETAILS Auto/Marine Cleaning & Protecting, the company has grown to focus attention on other aspects of the commercial soft washing industry.

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Details Soft Wash offers high-quality soft washing services for industrial and commercial facilities. Property owners that schedule periodic cleanings can avoid the accumulation of dirt, and the most effective way to clean concrete without damaging its surface is soft washing.

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the work that John did on Monday power washing building #3 at Logan’s Run. He was very pleasant, thorough, and made sure that the building was clean when he had finished. We would certainly recommend Details for anyone looking for an exceptional company to perform power washing.

PAT KORTHKennebunk, Maine

Details Soft Wash Services did an exceptional job removing graffiti from and cleaning our historical library. The result was outstanding – the 80 year old bricks were restored to their original appearance and the graffiti was completely removed without compromising the integrity of the bricks. Details Soft Wash Services also has excellent customer service and we felt our project was a top priority for them.

CLAUDINE EMERSONLibrary Director, Berry Memorial Library